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Did you know that the term "rigatoni" pays homage to the invention of the ruling of pasta by the industry?

This is a brilliant idea that allows this format to hold the sauces and make the combination of pasta and sauce more appreciated.

Rigatoni are one of the most loved pasta shapes by Italians, but the first real lovers were the southerners, especially the Sicilians who use this format in a typical dish of the Agrigento area - the taganu - which for tradition was eaten on Holy Saturday.

To enhance the shape assumed by the pasta pie, cooked in the earthenware (the "taganum", in fact), the container was broken and the rounded contents were brought to the table.

Something similar was prepared, always in the earthenware that was broken, in Basilicata and Roviano, in Lazio.

Very close to this pasta shape is that of celery or sedanini, which in fact take their name from the characteristic fluted appearance of the celery stalks.

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  • pasta 
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