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Strolghino is a small salami typical of the Italian provinces of Parma and Piacenza.

It is obtained from the lean trimmings of culatello and prosciutto flakes, in turn obtained from heavy Italian pigs.

To give culatello its traditional pear shape it is in fact necessary to trim the piece and the precious remaining meat is destined for this niche product.

Given its size and lean composition, this sausage has a short maturation period, usually 20 days.

The traditional shape is horseshoe, the diameter around 3 cm and the size varies between 0.5 and 1 kg.

It is stuffed into pig intestines and is characterized by a fine grinding of the meat.

The name strolghino derives from strolag (feminine strolga), that is astrologer or fortune teller in western Emilia. It takes this name from the fact that it was used to predict the maturation trend of larger sized salami.

Another very widespread version gives reason for this denomination in the difficulty of a correct preparation and aging of the product, for which it takes a fortune-teller.

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