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The tagliata was invented in Pisa in 1973 by the chef Sergio Lorenzi reinterpreting the classic Florentine steak.

Lorenzi after the great experience gained in the best Milanese restaurants found a job in Pisa as a kitchen chef in a restaurant behind Piazza dei Miracoli specialized in Tuscan cuisine, relaunching it and making it one of the most famous places in Italy.

Then in 1970 he opened his first restaurant Sergio, where in 1973 he served this dish for the first time, calling it the "cut of beef", which has become more and more over time one of the best known of Tuscan cuisine in the world.

Five years later the chef obtained the Michelin star giving even more notoriety to his business.

Already at the beginning of the eighties the recipe had spread and almost all the restaurateurs in the area served the tagliata albeit with many variations, both in the type of cut (no longer just sirloin) and in the type of condiment.

Nowadays the tagliata is served in many restaurants throughout the national territory and beyond.

There are alternative stories where the origin of this dish is sought in more ancient times in different places even if always in Tuscany, even if they do not have official documentation.

One predicts that a noble woman from Arezzo, fond of meat, had asked for it for the first time pre-cut due to a dislocation of the wrist due to a fall from a horse.

Another that in Maremma was a cowherd's habit to cook large pieces of meat and then cut from the central piece into individual strips.

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