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Taleggio (Talegg in the dialect from Lombardy ) takes its name from the homonymous valley, located in the upper Bergamo area.

The production of this cheese stems from the need of the inhabitants of the area to store milk in excess of direct consumption.

Initially the cheese thus produced was called "stracchino" (strachin the dialect from Lombardy), a name that for centuries in Lombardy has characterized, more than a specific cheese, in general all soft cheeses with a square shape.

The term derives from the Lombard expression "strach", which means tired, and refers to the fact that the cheese was made (and still is made by some today) with the milk of the evening milking, when the cows arrived at the barn "tired" after being graze all day.

The name Taleggio dates back to the early twentieth century, when the cheesemakers of the homonymous valley felt the need to distinguish their cheeses from those coming from other areas.

It seems above all under the pressure of Amilcare Arrigoni, who, a native of Olda in Val Taleggio, emigrated and made his fortune in France in the field of catering, returned to Italy at the beginning of the century, he worked to revitalize his valley starting precisely from Taleggio.

It is the beginning of the path that led this specialty to the recognition of the Designation of Origin (D.O.) in 1988, which was followed in 1996 by the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.).

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